Zoom Android Driver App is completely redesigned

We listened to our customers and redesigned our android driver app. The new app is now available on Play store. It features the ability to select the navigation system of your choice. Much improved user experience with greater reliability. 

The new app makes it much easier to contact the passenger, manage orders and earnings. 

We hope you will enjoy this new version of the app. Any feedback will be appreciated. We are always open to ideas and making our products better for our customers. 

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Well I'm not up& running but I will post. Definitely has 2 be better then STUBER UBER. Sorry I am not trying to offend anyone I had A Terrible f*Dr Dr

Driver app is looking nice but one down side is the taxi meter should be on top of the screen displaying the fare, at the moment meter run in background hidden.

Meter must show Like (icabbi driver app).

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